your HEATING, AIR, & ELECTRIC EXPERTS for over 40 years


Certified Electric


Corporate Secretary

Why did you get into the HVAC and Electrical industry?

I was given a wonderful opportunity by my father-in-law and founder of our company, Emory Young. He invited me to come on board with the family business. In the late 80’s he had just upgraded the company software to include a Dispatch program and needed someone to learn the system and be a dispatcher for the service department.

What do you like best about the HVAC and Electrical industry?

Many fellow companies in the industry are also small “Family” owned or operated just as we are. Being a part of the HVAC industry gives a very comforting and humbling feeling knowing that you can provide a service for an individual in “need” no matter where you are located. Someone will always need to be warmed or cooled.

How long have you been in this industry? With Certified Electric?

Since 1988

What activities, hobbies, or other interests do you have?

My biggest passion is work but I also enjoy photography, softball and my new found challenge in golf.

How long have you lived in the area?

I was born and raised in Glynn County.

Do you have a family/kids? Pets?

Happily married to my best friend for 30 years and a proud mother of one daughter.