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Packaged Systems to Suit Your HVAC Needs

If you have a small office or business, it can be difficult to find the space to install a large HVAC system. However, you still need both an air conditioning unit and a heating unit, right? Well, not necessarily, or at least not separately. The solution might be as simple as purchasing a packaged system.

A packaged system is a single unit that handles both heating and air conditioning in a given space. Each one has a combination of either a fan coil or an evaporator coil, as well as either an air conditioner or a heat pump, allowing it to heat or cool the space, as needed.

If you think you are interested in packaged systems to suit your HVAC needs, you have a lot of choices. All of those choices can be a bit confusing. Certified Electric has trained technicians who can give you the benefit of their knowledge and expertise, making the selection process easier.

For help sorting through the available packaged systems and finding the one that works best in your space, please contact us today!

Are you interested in ductless/mini-split systems?

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    Performance™ Series

    You can count on a balance of energy efficiency and performance with the Performance Series Packaged Systems. These systems are all ENERGY START qualified, provide quiet performance and are designed to produce the best comfort in your home. With a built-in dehumidification feature supported by Carrier's CôrTM or Performance Edge® relative humidity thermostats, you can enjoy a comfortable home all summer long. 

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    Comfort™ Series

    Affordable packaged heating and cooling to your home brought to you by Carrier's Comfort Series Packaged Systems, these systems have a SEER rating as high as 14 providing you with efficient product choices, quiet operation (as low as 72 decibels) and a blower-enhanced dehumidification feature.