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    Why Is My Furnace Freezing Up?

    Wednesday, November 04, 2015

    HVAC service technician inspecting a furnace that has stopped running

    Glynn County, Georgia, isn’t known for cold weather extremes, but there is still need for both heating and air conditioning here. You need equipment you can rely upon to keep you warm when needed. Thankfully, you may be able to successfully troubleshoot common problems responsible for an inoperative furnace.

    Here are a few common causes behind furnace failure:

    Power and setting issues cause the most interruptions.

    More likely than not, your HVAC system isn’t running because of electrical issues. Start with your thermostat and make sure it’s securely attached to the wall and functioning normally. Make sure it’s set appropriately for heat and that the fan is set to “on” or “auto.” If the thermostat is doing fine, it’s time to check your breakers and fuses.

    Your system may need to be reset.

    Every furnace has an emergency shut down feature if the system detects potential dangers. Sometimes these are triggered without a real need, so your system will not boot up when expected even though operating conditions are safe. A simple system reset can solve your problem in these situations. Instructions are easy to follow and can be found on the inside of the access door. If after a reset your furnace still isn’t running or it shuts down again right away, call a technician immediately.

    Blocked airflow will prevent your system from running.

    While most filters only need to be changed once a month or less, some homeowners still forget. This can cause big problems for your unit, including totally blocked air flow. If your pilot light won’t ignite or it won’t stay lit, you may have a filthy filter or one of the air inlets to your furnace could be blocked by debris. Bugs, leaves and other items can become lodged in the pipes running from the outdoors to your unit. Be sure to clean them thoroughly at both ends before calling a repair shop.

    When components wear out, it’s best to call an expert.

    We know homeowners are committed to keeping costs low. When it comes to necessary HVAC repairs, the most cost-effective measure is calling in a pro. A lack of function could be a sign that one of several components could be damaged, from the run capacitor to your furnace’s computer board. The damage you can miss, let alone cause by accident, is too great to ignore.

    Schedule your necessary heating and air conditioning repairs ASAP by contacting the experts at Certified Electric, Inc.