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    Why Does Our A/C Run Loudly Now?

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    HVAC Services

    If your business is having HVAC problems, it’s important to schedule commercial services ASAP. Some air conditioners are just loud, but if your A/C has just started to make noise, there’s no doubt there’s an underlying problem. The number of HVAC repair shops in the Brunswick, St. Simons or Jekyll Island areas qualified to work on larger units is limited, so schedule an appointment at the first sign of noise and get your noisy A/C taken care of.

    The following are just a few reasons your air conditioner might suddenly be drowning you out:

    1. Your fan might be dirty. This sounds like a simple problem, and in truth, it can be the easiest to fix. Sometimes a simple spraying with the hose can work the problem out, but you may have to open the unit to wipe the blades clean of stubborn build-up.
    2. A blade may be bent or damaged. Bent blades can make contact with the case or other components and wind up broken. As they spin, they create resistance and noise. Sometimes a fix is as simple as gently bending a blade back into place, but chipped, cracked or torn fan blades will need to be replaced. If you let these repairs go for too long, you’ll wind up with a variety of loose, worn or damaged components.
    3. Your fan coil may be dirty or bent. Using special tools, a homeowner can safely clear debris from a fan coil. You can also straighten bent parts, but it may be faster and more convenient to simply hire the job out for the money.
    4. Your blower motor might be out. Motors get worn and wind up needing lubrication and repair. Sometimes they fail entirely, but it may take an expert’s ear to determine what kind of damage you’re dealing with.

    To keep business booming, schedule commercial services at the first sign they’re needed by clicking this link or calling 912.265.3419.