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    Why Does a Dimmer Switch Cause My Lights to Buzz?

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    Residential Dimmer Lightswitch

    Most homeowners prefer hiring out electrical services because of the dangers involved in working with your home’s wiring. Fortunately, not every job takes a tremendous amount of time or any skill to solve. Many common issues, like humming dimmer switches, can be cleared up quickly with little risk.

    Here are just a few reasons your lights are singing and how to get them to keep quiet:

    • Your light bulbs are too delicate for dimmer features. Dimmer switches don’t really restrict the amount of energy going to your lights. They disrupt the flow of electricity. While you can’t see the lights flickering, you can sometimes pick up on the noise. Is your humming coming from the light fixture itself? If so, switch out the bulbs. Their interior parts may be too weak to withstand the vibrations. If the humming is coming from the light switch, you have a different problem.
    • Your dimmer switch is being overloaded. If you constantly find yourself turning the brightness of your lights down, it may be a sign you’re using bulbs with too high of wattage. If you’re running too much electrical current through the dimmer for it to handle, this may be the root of your problem. Switch out your bulbs with those of a lower wattage. Quite often, this simple change is enough to stop the switch from humming.
    • Your dimmer switch needs to be replaced. No component is made to last forever, and light switches are quick to go out. If you’ve seen no relief after changing light bulbs, chances are you’ll have to take the entire switch out. This can be a simple enough job, but for those who aren’t comfortable working with electronics, it’s best to call in the pros.

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