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    Why Do My Lights Always Flicker?

    Wednesday, July 15, 2015

    electrical services

    Homeowners in Glynn County often do their own repairs, so they aren’t likely to schedule electrical services, even when they’re needed. However, flickering lights can signify a serious problem. Keep your family and property safe by calling in a professional to sort things out.

    Here are a few reasons your lights could flicker:

    1. You have a loose electrical connection. Frustratingly, there can be 50 connections to check or more before you’ll find the culprit. You need to make it a top priority though, because loose connections and short-circuited wires can start electrical fires, known to be especially dangerous.
    2. Your main electrical panel or meter has loose connections. If random lights flicker throughout your home, it’s more likely that you have a loose conductor. A single loose conductor could be affecting multiple outlets and many fixtures. While a fire is a concern, a bigger and more likely risk is serious damage to your electrical system. Loose conductors have a tendency to heat up enough to damage themselves and surrounding components. Fixing this quickly will prevent major bills down the road.
    3. You’re running major appliances. Sometimes, when you have a power hog appliance like an air conditioner or refrigerator, the lights in your home will flicker when it hits a power cycle. This typically isn’t a risky situation, but it can be remedied. How that’s done is completely dependent upon your equipment, how it’s wired into your electrical system and the transformer feeding energy to your home. In short, it takes a professional, and it may require help from the utility company to fix. In the meantime, using power strips with surge protection made by reputable companies can help make sure your electronics aren’t damaged.

    Ignoring the need for electrical services can be deadly, so don’t delay. If you have flickering lights, click this link or call 912.265.3419 to schedule a visit for professional electrical services.