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    Which Is Better: Fuses or Circuit Breakers?

    Wednesday, September 09, 2015

    cercuit breakers

    Home updates, like upgraded electrical services, offer cost savings as well as convenience. They’re among the best improvements you can make to your property because they provide a lasting boost in value. Switching from fuses to breakers is a common project just for this reason.

    Look at the advantages you’ll get by switching to a breaker box:

    • Breakers are easier. Fuses and breakers are a lot alike. They both protect your electrical circuits—and the appliances attached to them—from overloading. While a fuse contains a small metal wire which melts and shuts the circuit down, a breaker flips to shut things down. Instead of finding a new fuse and replacing it, all you have to do is flip a switch.
    • Fuses can be dangerous. If you make a mistake and put a 30 amp fuse into a 20 amp fuse slot, you could be electrocuted or start a fire. It’s easy to do, too, if you’re changing fuses in the middle of the night.
    • Certain fuses can be hard to find. There are a large number of standard fuses available in a wide range of shops, from corner stores to home improvement stores and even gas stations. There are also other types which are not so common. Using the wrong type of fuse can lead to disaster, but most often, it just won’t allow you to turn the electricity back on. Breakers make electrical outages fast and easy to manage, which is why they add to the value of your home and remain a popular home improvement.

    Improving your electrical services has practical benefits now and in the future, so click this link to schedule a service call online, or call 912.265.3419.