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    How to Know When It's Time to Replace Your Home's Air Conditioner

    Wednesday, August 03, 2016


    If you are unsure when to replace your home’s heating and air conditioning system, there are some clear-cut signs to watch for that can help you know when the time is right. Consider these four signs pointing to your need for a new HVAC:

    1. System is more than 10 years old.

      Current recommendations from Energy Star say to upgrade the unit if it is 10 years or older. Switching to an energy-efficient system will save a homeowner about 20% on their heating/cooling bill.
    2. There is a coolant leak.

      Once there is a coolant leak, the compressor will most likely be the next thing to go. Repairing the leak, adding more coolant, and replacing the compressor can cost as much as buying a new, lower-end unit. Additionally, an older unit that uses R-22 refrigerant will be more expensive to repair, since R-22 prices have gone up and the refrigerant is now being phased out.
    3. Repairs are needed often.

      Consider how often you must repair the unit. Every time you repair the unit, it is costing you money. A tip to determine whether it is worth the cost of repair, or if you should just replace it, is to multiply the age of the unit by the repair cost. If the cost to repair is more than $5,000 then you are better off replacing the unit.
    4. Your electric bill is going up, or you notice the unit isn’t working properly.

      If your energy bill is steadily increasing you might have an energy efficiency issue due to your unit not running properly. If your home is harder to keep cool in the summer, this is also a sign of your unit wearing out and needing replacement, especially if the unit is outdated.
    It may be necessary to update your unit if it was installed prior to the year 2006. These older units operate below the current standard Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which is the amount of energy needed to produce the desired cooling output. Newer units use half the electricity and will lower cooling bills.

    Schedule an inspection with our team of HVAC specialists at Certified Electric, Inc. to determine the condition of your heating and air conditioning system. We will professionally assess your system to determine if you will be better off to repair or replace your HVAC.