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    What Kind of Preventive Maintenance Do You Recommend for a Commercial Building?

    Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    Technician Inspecting Commercial Rooftop HVAC System

    Commercial services for heating and cooling can be tremendously expensive if you need repairs. A replacement can run into the tens of thousands. It’s important to treat your HVAC equipment right by providing regular maintenance.

    Use a Professional for Maintenance and Repairs

    You may get good results from your maintenance team when it comes to general repairs, but your HVAC equipment costs too much to trust to a general service crew. Hire the professionals who have specialty training. They’ve spent time learning the warning signs amateurs miss. Early adjustments can mean the difference between a few dollars in repairs and a few hundred or more.

    Replace or Clean Filters on Time

    Dirty filters increase costs and put unneeded stress on your system. In commercial units, they can also lead to compressor or heat exchange failure. An HVAC professional can help you determine the best filter changing and cleaning schedule for your equipment. The majority require cleaning every 3 to 4 weeks.

    Perform Seasonal Operational Assessments

    The best time to test equipment is before you need it. Running an operational check of heating equipment in fall and of cooling units in spring allows you time to schedule any repairs you may need. Your technician also has the opportunity to tune your system up, reducing resistance and allowing it to operate at top performance while using less energy. Ultimately that leads to big savings.

    Test All Moving Components and Electronics Yearly

    From the blower wheel housing to bearings, it’s important to run a thorough check every year on all moving parts. Tighten, clean and lube where needed. Replace belts showing excess wear or cracks. Upgrade or replace components when needed, before they cause a spike in your bills or hurt system performance. You’ll get the most from your HVAC investment by providing this kind of regular attention.

    Certified Electric is well-qualified to provide commercial services to businesses in and around Brunswick, GA. Schedule your maintenance visit today, and prepare for spring and summer savings.