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    What Is Causing my AC to Freeze Up?

    Wednesday, August 05, 2015

    Air Conditioning

    Heating and air conditioning is essential to staying healthy in South Carolina’s thick summer heat and chilly winters. Unfortunately, units don’t always work the way they’re intended to. Find out the reason behind one of the most frustrating air conditioner problems.

    Here are some reasons your AC is freezing over:

    • The air flow in your home is being restricted. Dirty air filters cause a lot of problems for homeowners. Most filters need to be changed or cleaned once a month, though heftier options can wait every three months between changes. Closed or obstructed vents can also prevent air from circulating freely through your home.
    • Your unit is leaking refrigerant. “Leaking” is a relevant term when it comes to HVAC repair. Often, a Freon leak isn’t noticeable to homeowners. You may need a repair technician to test the system to figure out whether there is enough refrigerant contained to handle the job. You can’t simply add more Freon on your own. Not only will the source of the leak continue to be a problem, but these chemicals are closely controlled. You won’t be able to buy the refrigerant on your own.
    • Your evaporator coil is dirty. Cleaning the evaporator coil is an essential step to preventive maintenance visits for a reason. A dirty coil won’t function properly and may ultimately freeze over. You can clean this yourself, but if you’re already experiencing problems, it’s best to call a technician to perform maintenance and thaw out your system.

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