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    What Do I Need to Know About Getting a Whole House Generator?

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016

    house generator

    Homeowners often take their electrical services for granted, making it fairly difficult to purchase a whole house generator. Having a professionally trained installer walk you through the process will help you to select a unit right for your property and needs. Give Certified Electric, Inc., a call to help you stay protected when blackouts hit.

    Your Generator Should Handle All Your Essentials

    How much electricity do you really need to make it through a blackout? Think about the items you use every day to protect your property and your health. Your fridge and freezer can contain thousands of dollars of worth of food, so it’s good financial sense to keep them running when the power goes out. Your heating and cooling equipment should stay running, as temperatures running too hot or too cold can put your family members at risk. Don’t forget security either. When the power is out, you’re already vulnerable. Having a generator to back up your security system is an absolute must!

    You’ll Need a Stationery Generator to Run Your Whole Home

    Portable generators are appropriate for powering equipment at remote work sites and for providing electricity directly to electronics during a blackout. They cannot safely be wired into your home’s breaker board. Doing so sends voltage down the power line, and it poses a serious risk for the electricians working hard to restore power to all of your area’s homes. There are a number of options for stationery generators, including those running off of diesel and natural gas.

    Speak to a specialist in back-up power for help in selecting the right model for your property and your abilities.