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    3 Ways a Maintenance Agreement Can Help You Lower Your Energy Costs

    Wednesday, December 27, 2017


    Maintenance agreements provide many benefits, including reduced long-term costs across the board.

    Although choosing to look into maintenance agreements is typically a practical decision, some homeowners feel they're a waste of money. Of course, a big picture viewpoint can put this concern to rest! Maintenance agreements can not only pay for themselves, but they also help you save money every month, particularly during periods of more severe weather.

    Maintained HVAC Systems Need Fewer Repairs

    Regular maintenance allows a technician to identify issues with your HVAC system early on, before they can balloon into more serious problems. Paying a little more upfront to avoid future repairs is a wise investment, especially given that small malfunctions translate to a less efficient system that burns more energy.

    Routine Maintenance Provides Better Overall Efficiency

    If you don't opt in for a maintenance plan, the small repairs your system might need over time might linger for a while. Unfortunately, these issues will make it harder for the HVAC to do its job, which in turn raises energy costs. It also means more wear and tear on the system, which translates to a shorter lifespan. Few things hurt your finances like needing to replace equipment that could've lasted much longer with proper care.

    Certified Electric Provides Maintenance Plans that Work

    Whether you’re interested in a tune-up or you want to learn more about how maintenance agreements can benefit your system, our team at Certified Electric has the answers. Our qualified technicians can assess your needs and put together a plan that works for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more.