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    3 Unexpected Ways You're Wasting Electricity

    Wednesday, August 16, 2017


    Electrical costs can skyrocket during the year's hotter months, but the weather isn't the only culprit.

    Even if you’ve been good about avoiding the obvious mistakes, like leaving electricalappliances plugged in or forgetting to turn off the lights in empty rooms, you could still be wasting energy in other ways. Given all the different electronics and electrical components we tend to rely on regularly, even the smallest incidences can add up to significant costs. Although these habits may seem trivial, getting rid of them can translate to significant savings.

    Household Appliances Consume Electricity, Even when Not in Use

    We tend to keep certain devices plugged in, even when we aren't using them. If you haven't heated up anything in your microwave lately, but the time is visible, it's using power! That's a serious energy drain for an appliance that is essentially acting like an oversized clock. Other items, like computers and phone chargers, can be energy wasters as well — even if they're not actively used, just plugged in. In fact, due to the number of electronics found in modern households, these connected appliances can add up to 10% to your energy bill.

    Hot Water Is an Electricity Drain

    The vast majority of the energy consumed by your washing machine goes into heating the water. Although warmer temperatures are still the ideal route for combating tough stains, try switching to cold water for regular laundry loads. If you don’t notice any decline in the quality of your washed clothes, you’ll be even happier when you see just how much lower your electric bill is.

    Dirty HVAC Vents and Filters Burn More Power

    Cleanliness is close to godliness, but more importantly, it can also save you a bundle on your energy costs. If you've been neglecting your HVAC system's air filters and vents, and allowing dirt and debris to build up, the system is likely no longer as efficient as it once was. Clogged vents and filters force it to work harder to achieve the same heating and cooling, which burns more energy and drives up your utility bills.

    Cutting down on energy consumption is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s also an effective way to drive down your monthly expenses, and who wouldn’t want to save money? At Certified Electric we can look over your electrical system and help you cut down on your costs. ">Contact us today to learn more about how you can save big!