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    3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cozy This Christmas

    Wednesday, December 06, 2017


    Some heating and air conditioning tricks can help you stay comfortable through the holiday season and beyond.

    Heating and air conditioning concerns might not be at the top of your Christmastime priority list, but they should be! Whether you're out shopping for gifts and decorations or preparing for a flood of visiting relatives, the comfort of your home is always going to be important. And given the amount of money you'll be spending during the holiday season, being able to stay cozy without spending more than you need to is a bonus no one should overlook. Here are three tips to keep things comfortable:

    #1: Help the Heating System by Closing the Curtains

    When the sun goes down at night, open curtains can let some of your heat escape. Although you'll want them open during the day when it's sunny outside, it's vital that you keep the windows covered once nighttime rolls around. Insulated curtains can help you do an even better job of locking in the warm air.

    #2: Don’t Forget the HVAC Benefits of Ceiling Fans

    Many people leave their fans untouched through the winter time, but this is a big waste. Most ceiling fans come with the ability to switch their setting (and rotation direction), which can help keep spaces feeling warmer by pushing hot air down from the ceiling.

    #3: Keep Heating and Cooling Vents Clear

    Whether through an accident when arranging your rooms or because you want to hide your ductwork, you could have furniture blocking some of your vents. Moving things around to keep the vents unblocked is always a good idea, but it's even more critical during the winter when you want your rooms to get as much heat as possible.

    If you’re trying to make sure you don’t run into any heating or cooling issues during the holiday season, don’t leave things to chance! At Certified Electric, Inc., we’re fully committed to helping your system work at its best, even when staying comfortable becomes extra demanding during the coldest months of the year. For more information about our heating and air conditioning services, contact us today!