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    3 Things You Should Know about Indoor Air Quality This Flu Season

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018


    Indoor air quality is always important, but when the season of sickness rolls around, it becomes too vital to ignore.

    Everyone talks about flu shots when it comes to staying healthy throughout the winter, but indoor air quality can be just as important. Illnesses like the flu and common cold tend to become more commonplace when the weather is colder, but this isn’t solely a product of the temperature. It also comes from people being more confined indoors, which is where the value of better air becomes apparent.

    Cut Down on Indoor Moisture

    Reducing the amount of moisture in your home can immediately improve the quality of your air. A good ventilation system can help you achieve this, but there are other methods as well. For one, you can make it a priority to seal up leaks, such as in your shower or the sink. Another step is clearing away any mildew or mold growth you discover, as this can lead to airborne irritants.

    Use a Humidity-Controlling Device

    Indoor humidity levels can plummet during the winter, resulting in dry air and respiratory issues. Although excessive humidity can be a big problem, a humidifier can keep moisture levels in the ideal range, meaning healthier air and improved indoor comfort.

    Improve Air Quality with Filter Maintenance

    The more you use the HVAC, the more filter upkeep is necessary. Changing filters more often will keep the air quality more consistent, in addition to helping your system run more efficiently.

    Other maintenance tasks will be more specialized – protect your indoor air quality by enlisting the aid of Certified Electric, Inc.! We’ll assess your current air quality and help you improve on it, without forcing you to overpay. Reach out to us today for a service call.