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    Summer Concerns for Commercial HVAC System Owners

    Wednesday, August 17, 2016

    Commercial Services

    As a dedicated business owner, when should you be concerned about the commercial services in your building or office? During the summer months when the temperature is the highest, it can be difficult to maintain your commercial HVAC system and keep it running efficiently so your business stays cool and comfortable.
    During this time of year, what should you look for and what should you be concerned about when it comes to your HVAC commercial services? Let’s take a look at some of the top summer concerns: 

    • Having the right size unit for your business’s needs. 

      One of the most important aspects for your commercial building is having the right sized HVAC system for the job. Having a system that cannot keep up with demand will only cause the unit to constantly need repairs or experience breakdowns. If you notice your building accruing higher and higher energy bills, consider an energy audit to determine if a bigger system is needed, or if there is another problem.
    • Keeping cool air in the building and hot air out. 

      Do what you can to minimize energy loss by eliminating any gaps or cracks in windows and doors. Seal up any area where you can see sunlight seeping in or feel cold air leaking out. Check in crawl spaces and attics to ensure there is enough insulation. Additional insulation may be needed if you are having difficulty effectively cooling your building or office.  Also, windows that face the east or west will get extra sunlight during the day, which means more heat. Consider covering those windows with shades to reduce the amount of glare that can come from the sun shining on the glass.
    • Changing filters more often.  

      Dirty filters can decrease airflow and cause units to work harder and less efficiently. Filters should be changed more often in the months where more energy/power is needed to keep offices and employees comfortable. 

    Keeping your commercial system clean and properly maintained will prevent a breakdown during the summer months. It is recommended to get tune-ups throughout the year to ensure your system is running effectively and keeping up with the demand. Want to ensure your commercial HVAC system is running optimally? Our team at Certified Electric, Inc. is here to help. If you would like to get your HVAC system checked for efficiency issues, contact the commercial services team at Certified Electric today.