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    3 Things That Will Be Checked During a Springtime HVAC System Maintenance Visit

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    Residential Air Conditioning System

    Maintenance agreements help to keep your equipment in tip-top condition for an affordable price. You just have to work with the right providers. The wrong companies will skimp on services and leave your HVAC equipment vulnerable. You should expect the following from your spring checkup:

    1. Spring Inspections – Give Your Cooling Equipment a Once Over

    Your air conditioner has two components. The inside unit houses an evaporator coil, and the outside unit contains a condenser coil and compressor. During an inspection, a technician will go over these major components as well as the electronic sensors and wiring checking for any problems.

    2. Spring Maintenance – Drain, Clean, and Lube

    During this stage, your technician should also clean your exterior unit of debris, drain your indoor unit and make sure the filter has been changed. The hose leading from your indoor unit to the floor drain should also be checked to ensure it’s free of mold growth or other obstructions. Moving components should also be lubed to lower resistance and with the amount of electricity needed for your unit to function.

    3. Spring Adjustments – Schedule Repairs When They’re Convenient for You

    Any abnormal or excessive wear should be noted at this stage. If you schedule repairs now, you’ll be able to avoid the nasty surprise of a breakdown. You’ll also have a chance to weigh repair or replacement options to find the most affordable for your situation.

    Contact Certified Electric, Inc., to enroll in one of our maintenance agreements today. Our team of experts can save you money in many ways, and more importantly, we keep you comfortable throughout the year. Make the most of your HVAC investments by hiring professionals for equipment care.