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    How Can a Maintenance Agreement Improve My Home’s Air Quality This Spring?

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    HVAC service technician inspecting residential system

    Maintenance agreements do more than keeping your AC and furnace working. Regular checks ensure all your equipment is working at top efficiency. They also give technicians a chance to tell you how to improve your system. For instance, the last several years have seen an explosion of air cleaning products that are affordable and easy to use; this is one suggestion your HVAC pro may recommend during your scheduled check-ups.

    Evaluate Your Needs during HVAC Maintenance Calls

    We have several air cleaning devices you can use to ease these symptoms and keep your family healthy. Our ventilation, air filtering, and UV purification devices remove allergens from the air in your home. Even homeowners without allergies benefit from these new devices. Your seasonal maintenance visit is the perfect time to learn about your new options.

    Also, during regular maintenance visits, your technician assesses the integrity of your system. Common problems, such as loose ductwork and clogged drain pans, are managed. Even something as simple as adjusting the type of furnace filters you use can have an impact on your health.

    Identify and Solve Your Indoor Air Problems

    Sometimes, allergens aren’t the real problem. Indoor pollutants can cause symptoms that mimic allergies. Itchy eyes, sore throats, congestion and other common allergy and cold symptoms can all be caused by fumes from household cleaners, gas-off from paint, carpet, and furniture, and mold spores. Some chemicals are harmful enough to damage your lungs permanently or even cause cancer. If you’re in need of cleaner indoor air, our technicians can help.

    Enrolling in maintenance agreements is a convenient and affordable way to stay on top of indoor air quality. Put your system’s care on autopilot and safeguard your health. Get in touch with our team at Certified Electric today to get started with the right maintenance agreement to meet your needs.