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    3 Signs Your Air Conditioning Is Not Working Efficiently

    Wednesday, October 04, 2017


    Heating and air conditioning troubles aren’t always obvious, but there are warning signs that may indicate decreased efficiency.

    If you’ve come to rely heavily on heating and air conditioning, it’s a good idea to stay aware of potential issues. Your air conditioner won’t come up to you and tell you if it has a malfunction, but there will still be certain signs that highlight efficiency problems.

    Strange HVAC Noises

    If you notice unusual sounds coming from the air conditioner, like grating or squealing, you likely have an issue inside the unit. Something as simple as a poorly lubricated part can cause noises, but even these small issues can have a harmful effect on your HVAC system's efficiency. Leaving the problem alone for too long will only make this worse, and could even lead to a total breakdown.

    Weak Airflow from the Air Conditioner

    If the air coming through your vents is weak or barely noticeable, it could mean the unit's compressor is having problems. If some parts of the house are getting more air than others, it might mean the problem is with the ducts. Either way, issues like these force your system to work harder to achieve comparable levels of cooling.

    Your Heating and Cooling Bills Are Trending in the Wrong Direction

    If you notice rising utility bills every month but don't know why, the culprit may be your HVAC system. As the air conditioner loses efficiency, it burns more power to get the job done. You might not feel any more comfortable, but the costs would keep going up — the longer this continues, the more extreme the differences may become.

    Tackling efficiency issues right away is the best course of action. At Certified Electric, Inc., our focus is on keeping your heating and air conditioning system working at its best. To learn how we can provide fixes that make your efficiency issues disappear, contact us today.