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    3 Signs of an Overloaded Electrical Circuit

    Wednesday, September 14, 2016

    overloaded electrical circuit

    Should you schedule electrical services?

    Overloaded circuits require professional electrical services to ensure your home and family are safe. Electrical problems pose a real danger. As wires snap, crackle and spark, your home can start burning from the inside out.

    Keep an eye out for the following warning signs of an overloaded circuit:

    1. Frequently blown fuses
    2. If the same fuse or breaker in your electrical box fails on a regular basis, the problem could be serious. Running too many devices will cause the fuse or breaker to get too hot. It will blow or trip to protect your electrical system and prevent a fire or explosion.

      Oftentimes, the problem is one particular device that is blowing a circuit, like a large appliance. Sometimes, the issue is bad wiring inside a device. If any item causes a fuse or breaker to go out, however, you need to call in a professional. The same rule applies to individual outlets in your home.

    3. Burning hot outlets, switches or devices
    4. If safety features don’t work properly, fuses and breakers won’t pop. Instead, the electrical units will get hotter and hotter. These pose fire, explosion and burn risks, so don’t ignore them. By the time you notice a fire inside your walls, it could be too late to get out of your home safely.

    5. Sparks are never a good sign.
    6. It almost goes without saying that any electronic, fixture or outlet that produces a spark should result in a call to an electrician. You may simply need to replace a bad plug, but you don’t want to find out about an overloaded circuit the hard way.

    Schedule electric services right away if you see signs of an overloaded circuit. A spark can cost you more than your home. Keep your family safe with professional electric repair performed by a local expert. Contact our team at Certified Electric, Inc. now.