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    Should I Have My Heating System Checked out Before Winter?

    Wednesday, September 02, 2015

    heating system

    Heating and air conditioning equipment should be serviced at the start of each season to make sure it’s capable of doing the best job while using the least amount of fuel and energy. These money-saving service calls serve a dual-purpose. They also give a technician an opportunity to check your system for potential problems.

    What types of issues can be addressed during a preventive service check? Here are the most common issues:

    • Dirt and grime: Did you know a dirty filter can lower your fuel and energy efficiency by up to 60 percent? Gunk and grime found throughout your heating system has a similar effect. The technician can check for dirty components and clean them up so you’re running at optimum performance.
    • Bad electronics: Failing sensors and random wires cause troublesome breakdowns. Many homeowners aren’t sure how to check to make sure these parts of a heating system are working well. Professionals have the tools and experience needed to double-check these issues. If potential problems are found, you can schedule repairs at convenient times before winter sets in.
    • Poor practices: Some performance issues boil down to user error, and it’s no wonder. Heating and cooling equipment really is complicated technology, and best practices can be different from unit to unit. Your technician can help you figure out the best way to get the most comfort from your HVAC setup without blowing your budget.

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