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    Should I Have My AC Checked Out? How Often?

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    Air conditioning

    Maintenance agreements are an easy way to stay on top of HVAC system maintenance, and by enrolling in one, you save money on visits and repairs. You’ll also have your service calls pushed to the front of the line ahead of non-members. The question is … When is the best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance check?

    Spring AC Checks Provided by Your Maintenance Plan

    To get the most from your maintenance call, have your heating and cooling equipment inspected in the season before it’s used. For example, you’ll want to schedule your AC check in the spring before temperatures soar. This ensures the technician who visits your home will be able to do the best job possible to keep your AC running optimally. Any issues that may have popped up during the colder months will be obvious to a trained professional. These can include:

    • Cracked and worn components
    • Dirty filters
    • Mold growth
    • Debris blocking your indoor or outdoor units

    At Certified Electric, Inc., we only hire professionally trained HVAC technicians capable of remedying these situations before you’ll need cooling services for the summer season. The biggest benefit to having a professional inspection, of course, is avoiding the trouble of a breakdown when you need your air conditioner the most.

    Additional Benefits of an AC Inspection

    When a technician spots a problem during an inspection, you’re able to schedule repairs at your convenience. Your schedule – and your comfort – won’t be disrupted, as it would if your unit stopped working. However, technicians can prevent the need for repairs completely.

    A big part of your spring visit will consist of changing filters, clearing exhaust outlets and drain lines, and oiling all the moving parts on your HVAC system. All of those tasks reduce resistance, which help your air conditioner operate more efficiently and last as long as possible.

    Interested in maintenance agreements for residents in the Brunswick area? Enroll with Certified Electric, Inc., and take advantage of these benefits and more.