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    3 Reasons You Should Be Scheduling Your Fall Maintenance Visit Now

    Wednesday, October 25, 2017


    Maintenance agreements are usually a good idea for your HVAC system, but when it comes to the changing seasons, they become absolutely critical.

    Even if you're new to the world of maintenance agreements, when winter's on the way, you should be aware of how important a tune-up is. Fall is the ideal time for a maintenance visit, since it's followed by the most demanding time of the year for your heating system. You wouldn't go on a long road trip if you're not sure about your car's condition, after all! By taking this important preventative measure, you'll be protecting yourself from costly — and inconvenient — problems later on.

    Maintenance Keeps Heating Costs Down

    If your system hasn't received an inspection and a routine tune-up and cleaning, it won't be in the best possible shape when winter rolls around. This means more strain on the unit to heat effectively, which translates to higher monthly bills! The problem only worsens over time, and your furnace will continue to lose efficiency for as long as it's not tuned up.

    Scheduled Tune Ups Mean Fewer Emergencies

    Your furnace is most likely to break down during periods of heavy stress, which happen to be the coldest days of the year. Obviously, that is not a very fun time to be without heat. Maintenance will reduce the chances of a malfunction or system failure — you can prevent the majority of breakdowns with routine maintenance.

    HVAC Service Agreements Equal Safety

    If it's working properly, a heater is a valuable source of comfort during the winter months. If neglected, however, a heater can become hazardous over time. A fall maintenance visit is crucial for ensuring there are no issues present in the system that could become safety issues down the line.

    Scheduling a tune-up in the fall is a great idea, not just for the above-listed reasons, but also because you'll be able to get out ahead of the winter rush. At Certified Electric, Inc. we have a strong commitment to keeping you and your loved ones warm and safe throughout the winter. To learn more about how our maintenance agreements can help, get in touch with us today.