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    3 Reasons to Consider Adding Ceiling Fans to Your Home

    Wednesday, September 06, 2017


    When it comes to innovative heating and air conditioning solutions, ceiling fans can be a beneficial addition to your household.

    Ceiling fans can help your heating and air conditioning system work better, in addition to providing an attractive form of lighting for your home. If you haven't given much thought to adding fans to your current setup, read on for a look at three ways you can benefit from them.

    1. Fans Allow for More Cooling Versatility

    Instead of everyone in the home forced to live under one person's temperature preference, different rooms with ceiling fans allow more personalized comfort. Someone who likes things a little cooler could simply turn on their fan instead of lowering the thermostat temperature, which can also result in considerable energy savings over time.

    2. A Ceiling Fan Helps with Heating as Well as Cooling

    It might be common practice to stop using your fans during the year’s coldest months, but doing so means wasting a valuable asset! By switching the direction of the fan’s blades, you can set it to push down warmer air from the top of rooms. This helps the area below feel much warmer and more comfortable during the winter.

    3. Fans Help the Air Conditioner Do Its Job

    A ceiling fan can provide a draft of cold air, circulating it downward and making the room feel much cooler than it would with the air conditioner alone. This allows you to input a higher temperature on the thermostat, which in turn can lead to a considerable reduction of your monthly energy bills.

    Whether you want to assist your HVAC system with fans, or you’re looking to upgrade or repair an existing issue, call on the right help for the job. At Certified Electric, Inc., we have the experience with heating and air conditioning matters you can trust. Get in touch with us today for the help you need.