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    3 Reasons the Lights Flicker in One Room of Your House

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016


    How is your heating and air conditioning system related to your flickering light situation?

    Do you need professional electrical services? If you have flickering lights, you might have heard it’s because of your heating and air conditioning. Regardless of what you have heard, as Halloween rolls around the last thing you want is to have lights flickering in your house. Ghosts! Ghouls! Hauntings! Nope, those aren’t the cause.

    If your lights are flickering, understand that it’s a common occurrence and likely not a major problem. However, if you have lights that flicker in a single room, you will want to take note of what could be causing this to happen. Having a professional electrical services team check out the situation will help to put your mind at ease. Be safe rather than sorry with advice regarding what is causing all that flickering.

    The Connection Between Flickering Lights and AC Units

    If you have lights that flicker in a single room, here’s what you can do before calling in the professionals:

    • Start by checking the bulb of the light fixture. This could be a simple fix to your problem.
    • You may be dealing with a loose connection in your home wiring system. If your electrical outlets are also on the fritz, it’s time to call an electrician.
    • Could your air conditioning unit be the culprit? Having your AC unit kick on can cause your lights to flicker. This is due to a power surge. However, the flickering will occur throughout your house and not just in a single room.

    Case Solved: Air Conditioning Unit Is Not at Fault

    So there you have it. If you have lights that flicker in only one room of your house, it will not be caused by your air conditioning system. But if you notice lights flickering whenever your HVAC system goes into action, it could indicate you have a bigger issue on your hands—one that requires professional assistance.

    Keep in mind that a typical AC unit will draw more than 100 amps when it kicks on. Yet most homes can only support a 200 amp service. When your heating and air conditioning turn on, it may be that your home electrical system simply can’t keep up.

    If you have concerns about the amps being used by your HVAC system, contact Certified Electric. Our expert electrical services team will help you to find the source of the flickering lights. If necessary, we can also fit you with a perfect sized heating and air conditioning system to match your home’s power supply.