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    3 Real Reasons for Spooky Flickering Lights in Your Home

    Wednesday, October 11, 2017


    If you’ve noticed flickering lights around the house, you might have a ghost! Or electrical issues.

    Even among more superstitious homeowners, flickering lights are likely to create feelings of horror — related to electrical issues, of course. It's never much fun to wonder if you're on the brink of losing power, and flickering lights might seem like a warning sign of impending darkness.

    Flickering lights can be due to many different reasons. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, one of the following possibilities might just be at the root of your problem.

    You Might Have a Faulty Electrical Connection or Switch

    It's possible for switches to get worn down over time. To check for this, jiggle the switch carefully to see if you're able to cause a flicker. If you determine that the switch is the culprit, it'll need to replacement to stop the flickering. If you're unsure of how to do this, don't risk electrical shock! Call in an expert before you do anything else.

    Flickering Bulbs Could Simply Be Loose

    It might seem a bit too easy, but your flickering lights could be due to light bulbs that aren't secure in the fixture sockets. If you notice the issue with only a certain bulb, it's worth making sure — just turn off the light and carefully tighten the bulb. If the problem persists, try out a new bulb. If that doesn't work, the issue must be somewhere else.

    Fluctuating Electrical Voltage

    If you notice flickering lights when you turn on certain appliances, the issue could be that the item has too high a wattage for the circuit it’s on. Voltage issues could also manifest themselves as bulbs that are either too dim or too bright, but regardless, you’ll need professional help at this point. Some fixes aren’t simple enough for amateurs, and the dangerous nature of electrical repairs means calling the professionals is always the smart choice.

    At Certified Electric, Inc., our team is always ready to handle your electrical issues, whether flickering bulbs or something more serious. Contact us today for more information!