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    How to Maximize the Cooling Efficiency of Your Business's HVAC System

    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    Commercial Air Conditioning System

    Commercial services seek to improve efficiency wherever possible, and while replacing an outdated HVAC system with a new model is the quickest path, it is by no means the only way to boost efficiency. Regular maintenance can greatly enhance efficiency, thereby leading to significant cost savings and a more eco-friendly workplace.

    Here are the top ways professional commercial services will maximize the cooling efficiency of your HVAC system:

    1. Energy Star Certified Equipment and Appliances Make a Difference

    The wrong appliances and office equipment use far too much energy, but what's worse, they cause your HVAC system to use more energy as well. By generating less heat, Energy Star equipment significantly reduces your building's load capacity and improves overall efficiency.

    2. Regular Duct Cleaning

    In addition to increasing the risk of safety issues, dirty ducts have an adverse impact on your workplace's efficiency. To optimize airflow and improve efficiency, schedule regular air duct cleanings with a professional.

    3. Change Air Filters and Consider Supplemental Air Filtration

    As with duct cleaning, air filter changing is a necessary chore that often gets bypassed by businesses. The frequency for changing these filters will depend largely on the weather and whether your business is reliant on heating or air conditioning. During the winter, once every three months should suffice, but when warm weather arrives, air filter changes should occur monthly.

    Supplemental air filtration may be worth considering as it can further boost your system's efficiency.

    4. Check and Seal All Air Leaks

    Could your business have air leaks that are impeding airflow? These leaks can occur just about anywhere, including near doors, windows, and plumbing entry points. Scour your business's premises for even the tiniest of air leaks, and if detected, seal them with caulk or weather-stripping.

    Contact the heating and cooling experts at Certified Electric for all of your HVAC commercial services needs. Our team will help you make the most of your business's HVAC system.