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    Lower Your Energy Costs This Winter with an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

    Wednesday, December 28, 2016


    Can maintenance agreements reduce your monthly energy costs, even during the coldest time of the year?

    If you’re looking to save money, maintenance agreements may seem like just another expense to pile on with all the others. However, the agreement is a cost that quickly pays for itself thanks to the benefits it brings. The right HVAC company can set you up with a plan that will keep your energy costs down, even in the winter when you'll be relying much more on your heat.

    Maintenance Agreements Let You Stay Warmer while Spending Less

    In most cases, maintenance agreements ensure you'll have your HVAC system serviced twice a year. However, the impact this can have on your utility bills is evident on a monthly basis. Scheduled maintenance keeps your HVAC equipment running at full efficiency, which translates to less energy required to keep your home comfortable during the winter months.

    Regular Maintenance Also Saves Money on Repairs

    Many HVAC issues start off as small problems that could be difficult for most people to notice. An HVAC expert looking over your system could identify the signs of an impending issue and prevent further damage. Not only does this spare you the discomfort of losing HVAC service when you need it, but you'll also avoid expensive repairs later on.

    To learn more about how maintenance agreements can help you cut down on energy consumption, get in touch with the HVAC experts at Certified Electric, Inc., today. We can help you find a service plan that fits your needs, so your heating system can work at its best through the winter.