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    How Can I Recognize If My Home’s Ductwork Has Leaks?

    Wednesday, March 02, 2016

    Residential Ductwork in Attic

    Many times, heating and air conditioning problems are identified after you notice a significant increase in your monthly bills. It's easy to see why. Your HVAC use is the major contributor to your energy consumption every month. If your utility bills keep going up, it could be a sign of a leak in your ductwork.

    Telltale Signs of Heating and Air Conditioning Waste

    If your ductwork is leaking, the hot and cold air your equipment is making is leaking into areas of your home no one uses. Not only is this a complete waste of money and energy, but it poses problems for your structure and for your air quality too. Dirty, dusty air may be leaking back into your ductwork and being distributed around your home. Worse, temperature disparities may be creating condensation and other moisture issues in areas they’re not easily found.

    Keep an eye out for common signs of a possible ductwork leak problem:

    • High energy use without another apparent cause
    • High monthly utility bills
    • Rooms with a dusty or musty smell
    • Dirty vents or exchanges
    • Hot and cold spots throughout your home

    Fastest Fix for Leaking Ducts

    Homeowners who identify their own leaking ducts may be tempted to use duct tape as a patch. After all, why not? The tape is useful for a thousand jobs, so why wouldn’t it work well for the one it’s named after? The truth is duct tape dries out too fast and peels away from the ductwork. Mastic is a better option, but it can be difficult to apply correctly, and it’s only possible once you’ve located the source of the leak.

    The fastest and easiest way to solve this problem – improving your comfort and lowering your monthly bills in the process – is by calling a trained professional to perform the work on your behalf. The technicians at Certified Electric have the training and the equipment needed to find leaks right away. We also know the latest and most effective methods for stopping them, so don’t waste time before giving us a call if you’re worried about a duct problem.

    Schedule a service visit with Certified Electric, and have your heating and air conditioning problems solved immediately.