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    3 Pro Tips to Keep Pollen Out of Your Home This Summer

    Wednesday, July 05, 2017


    As the seasons change and people are firing up their heating and air conditioning systems, it’s easy to forget to keep increasing allergens in mind. When pollen counts are high, people with allergies or asthma can have a hard time dealing with being outdoors. Worse, in many cases pollen can find its way into homes, taking away one of the last safe havens you have. Luckily, some tips can help you keep your home clear of this troublesome allergen.

    Happy to Get Back Into the Air Conditioned Indoors? Don’t Forget to Wash Up

    Pollen doesn’t just get into your home through windows and vents. All too often people forget that pollen particles can actually cling to your skin and hair after you’ve been outside for extended periods of time. Washing your face once you get back inside can help offset allergy symptoms and keep particles from building up indoors. Washing your hair is also recommended if you’re noticing symptoms after spending time outside. Additionally, shoes and clothing can track pollen into your home, especially if the person wearing them has walked through grassy areas.

    Change HVAC Air Filters Regularly

    Particularly during the months with increased allergen counts, pollen can build up very quickly on the air filters within your home HVAC system. If the filters aren't cleaned or changed frequently enough, the pollen trapped on them can then reenter the vents and travel throughout your house. You should also ensure your filters can clear allergens from the air, as there are cheaper varieties out there that might not do as good of a job.

    Combat Pollen with Indoor Air Quality Products

    If you’ve noticed more allergens and reduced air quality in your home, don’t just hope things will improve on their own! Family members with breathing problems could experience worsening symptoms if you don’t do something about indoor pollen. Even people without allergies can suffer from too many particles circulating through your home’s air.

    At Certified Electric, we carry a wide range of products designed to improve your indoor air quality and keep it free of pollutants and allergens like pollen. For cleaner air, or anything else related to your heating and air conditioning needs, contact us today online or at (912)-265.3419.