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    Is My HVAC System Running Efficiently?

    Wednesday, May 31, 2017


    Are maintenance agreements worth the investment? Today's world is all about getting more efficient, and HVAC systems are a common source of wasted energy. To better understand if you'd benefit from a maintenance agreement for your heating and air conditioning components, you need to figure out if you're spending more than you should. If so, regular maintenance can help bring down the bills -- keep reading to understand how.

    Regular Maintenance Makes Sense If Your Bills Are Steadily Rising

    It might not happen all at once, which can make it more difficult to notice, but you might find that with each passing month, there has been an increase in your energy costs. The amount you pay will always vary based on factors like the weather and the amount of usage. But if the numbers have only been going up, it could mean your system is working harder and harder to achieve the same results. This is especially the case if the cost increases are growing steeper over time.

    Have You Been Conducting Your Own Maintenance?

    Sometimes even simple steps can make a difference when it comes to your efficiency. Blockages of any kind can force your HVAC system to work much harder than is ideal, and so it is important to do what you can to keep airways clear. This means checking air filters to ensure they are clean; you should clean or replace them every few months, at the very least.

    Still Not Sure About Maintenance? Get an Evaluation

    At Certified Electric, we can provide you with an in-depth report on your HVAC system that defines its efficiency and highlights ways to improve it. We will work with you to get your efficiency where it needs to be. Whatever costs might come as a result of inspections and repairs can be offset by the dramatic decrease in your monthly energy bills. Beyond that, if you want to avoid the need for repairs in the future and ensure your monthly bills remain manageable moving forward, our maintenance agreements will keep you ahead of the curve.

    Get in touch with our team of HVAC experts at Certified Electric, Inc., today to find out how a maintenance agreement can save you money.