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    How Do I Know If I'm Making the Best Investment in a New HVAC System?

    Wednesday, May 04, 2016

    New Carrier HVAC System

    DIY is all the rage, but working with a heating and air conditioning pro can wind up saving you money. It all depends on what needs to be done. It’s true you can probably change a filter easy enough on your own. However, choosing a new HVAC system will take an expert approach.

    Sizing Heating and Cooling Equipment

    What size of unit will you need for your home? While independent retailers make this seem like an easy decision, more goes into selection than you might think. It’s not as simple as figuring square footage or the number of rooms in your house. How old is your home? How secure is the construction? Both oversized and undersized units will cause problems.

    Advanced Heating and Cooling Features

    Today’s HVAC systems do more than just make your indoor air warmer and cooler. Units are designed to be ultra-quiet and more efficient than ever before. You can even get models with enhanced air filtration and humidity control.

    Proper HVAC Installation and Maintenance

    Work with a heating and cooling expert to ensure your installation happens just as it should and so you get the best advice on aftercare. An industry professional will be able to tell you which filters are best, how often they need changing and when to schedule basic maintenance. Taking the right steps from day one will help your new equipment last as long as possible.

    Contact the leading Brunswick-area heating and air conditioning specialists at Certified Electric whenever you need help selecting new HVAC equipment. We offer reliable products made by trustworthy manufacturers, and we can help you make the most of your investment from your very first day of use.