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    3 Indoor Air Quality Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

    Wednesday, September 20, 2017


    Indoor air quality, important as it is, can suffer tremendously as a result of mistakes that occur all too often.

    Failing to take the right measures for better indoor air quality can be a big issue. That's especially true when you consider that air we breathe inside the home tends to be less healthy than what we face outside. Unfortunately, homeowners often make mistakes that don't help this statistic at all. These errors can make the quality of air in your home even worse and can have a harmful effect on the health of your loved ones.

    Here are three indoor air quality mistakes many homeowners make:

    1. Ignoring Air Conditioner Unit Cleanliness

    It's easy to forget about the AC unit, so long as it's working properly, but good maintenance is essential. The system removes pollutants from the air, but if it's allowed to grow dirty the air will only get worse. Harmful particles can get backed up inside the unit, and eventually will circulate back into the home through your air vents!

    2. Adding Excessive Humidity to the Indoor Air

    Using a humidifier can be a great idea for when the indoor air gets too dry, as it helps you and your family stay more comfortable. However, adding too much humidity can create a habitat for mildew and mold growth. This, aside from creating an unpleasant smell, can cause breathing issues in people sensitive to respiratory ailments.

    3. Failing to Change Air Filters

    Changing out or cleaning the filters in your HVAC system is a necessity, and should happen every few months. Otherwise, they will become clogged up and your system will end up pushing pollutants back out into the flow of air, sending them through the house.

    Taking steps to elevate your indoor air quality should always be a priority, and luckily you have access to the help you need to make it happen! At Certified Electric, Inc., we’re ready and able to provide maintenance, upgrades and repairs that will ensure your household has the cleanest air possible. To learn more about indoor air quality and how we can help, connect with our team now.