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    3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality at the Office This Spring

    Wednesday, May 24, 2017


    The indoor air quality at your business can have a considerable impact on how happy and healthy (and productive) your staff is. Serious health issues as a result of poor indoor air quality are rare, but if you employ individuals with breathing problems, such as asthma or allergies, you could be facing liability issues down the road. If the problem is acute enough, you could even risk losing customers as a result. It is important to do whatever you can to improve the quality of the air at your workplace.

    Proper Space Planning Helps Air Quality

    Something as simple as the placement of equipment and furniture can impact the quality of your air. If items are blocking vents, you could end up with poor air circulation and a buildup of irritants and dust. Putting components that generate heat too close to a thermostat can also impact the air by tricking the system into delivering too much cold air for conditions to remain comfortable.

    Basic Cleaning, Though Simple, Is Important for Healthy Indoor Air

    This requires a certain level of cooperation among the people working in your space, but maintaining standards of cleanliness means you will usually enjoy better air quality. Something as simple as regular dusting can make a positive difference. Remember, even a little bit of buildup can contribute to poor air quality if left unattended for too long. Air filters need regular cleaning and changes as well.

    When It Comes to Air Quality at Work, Maintenance Is Key

    HVAC equipment can lose some of its efficiency over time. To continue ensuring effective and reliable delivery of high-quality air, regularly scheduled maintenance is essential. You can take some steps on your own to help the situation, but nothing will be as effective as an inspection and tune-up performed by an experienced HVAC technician.

    If you notice a decline in your indoor air quality, or if you want to prevent such an event from occurring in the first place, get in touch with Certified Electric, Inc., today. We'll look over your system and take the necessary steps to keep it working at its best. We'll even offer tips that will help you maintain the highest possible air quality at your business.