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    Three Possible HVAC Warning Signs You Should Keep an Eye Out For

    Wednesday, March 07, 2018


    Your heating and air conditioning unit is an expensive investment, so be on the lookout for signs it may be in trouble.

    Even if your heating and air conditioning system is working, it may not be working the way it should. Many HVAC systems will provide some warning signs before they fail or at least send a signal that something isn’t quite right. Below we discuss a three of these signs and what they could mean:

    Sign #1: The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool

    If the air conditioner turns on and moves air, but the air coming out of the vents doesn’t feel cool, that’s probably a sign that something is wrong with the compressor. One common issue occurs when there isn’t enough refrigerant to create cold air. Sometimes this is because of a leak in the refrigerant lines or containment vessel. Other times, the refrigerant levels are just too low, which can happen after years and years of running an air conditioner.

    Sign #2: The HVAC System Turns On, But Only Briefly

    An air conditioner or furnace that will initially startup as it should, but then promptly turn off often means there is a serious issue with the system. Often this is a sign of an electrical problem, and the HVAC system's safety protocols are shutting it down. It can also be a mechanical problem where a moving part isn't moving as freely as it should. This then overloads the electrical system and blows a fuse or trips a circuit breaker. But whatever the exact cause is, a visit from a knowledgeable HVAC technician is probably a good idea.

    Sign #3: The HVAC System Never Seems to Turn Off

    If the air coming out of the vents is as warm (or cool) as you expect, yet your heater or air conditioner seems to run all day and night, there is probably something wrong with your thermostat, air ducts or building. Maybe there’s an open window somewhere or an air duct that’s leaking badly. But your common sense is correct when it concludes that no HVAC system should be running 100 percent of the time.

    To discover other signs that indicate your heating and air conditioning unit could be in trouble, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Certified Electric, Inc. Let one of our HVAC professionals take a look at your system.