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    What's Checked during an HVAC Maintenance Visit?

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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    Maintenance agreements prevent your furnace and AC from breaking down, but how do they do it?

    Maintenance agreements may seem mysterious, but once you realize what is involved, enrolling is the only smart choice. HVAC systems are more complicated than you might imagine. You’re not just dealing with a few moving parts. Coolants, air pressure and electrical components combine to control the temperature in your home, along with humidity and air quality.

    Who Should Consider a Maintenance Plan?

    Enrolling in a maintenance plan makes sense for anyone who wants to manage their time or expenses more efficiently. It puts your system in the hands of an expert with the training and tools to care for it properly. Plus, the process is now one less thing for you to worry about. Your provider will make sure you schedule appointments when they’re needed and stay on top of system management.

    These visits reduce the wear-and-tear on your unit and allow for easier airflow. This means systems don’t use as much energy to make your home comfortable, and they’re likely to last longer. It’s a good move all around.

    So, What’s Included in a Maintenance Agreement?

    This depends largely on the business providing the work. At Certified Electric, Inc., we go the extra mile. Beyond clearing drains and changing filters, we check your electrical components, tighten and lube moving parts, and will even recalibrate your thermostat to make sure everything is in working order.

    Some of these tasks depend on your equipment. If you have an air conditioner, our technician will perform different maintenance than if you have a heat pump, for instance. For information on what will happen with your specific pieces of equipment during routine maintenance, be sure to call our office for a quick consultation.

    Enroll in one of our maintenance agreements today to get the royal treatment. Enjoy longer, more reliable service from your HVAC equipment. Contact Certified Electric, Inc. today!