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    4 Ways an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Will Save You Time and Money

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016


    If you’re wondering whether HVAC maintenance agreements are worth it, you’ll find that answer here (hint: they are).

    HVAC maintenance agreements are a common point of confusion with home and business owners, who wonder whether they’re really worth the cost or if they’re just an add-on meant to pad the service provider’s pocket. While shady characters certainly exist, any HVAC expert worth their salt will give more than they get with an HVAC maintenance agreement.

    Here are four reasons you should strongly consider a professional maintenance agreement with a trusted local heating and cooling company:

    1. Minimizing Mid-Season HVAC Breakdowns
    2. At the height of summer and the depths of winter, you really, really need your HVAC system to work. When they break down, you’re left slowly melting or turning into a popsicle, depending on the season. Not good.

      You can avoid this with an HVAC service agreement, which usually includes a checkup and tune-up at the start of winter (to check heating) and summer (to make sure the A/C is in working order). That way, while other poor saps are just hoping for the best, you can be sure your home or business is properly climate-controlled.

    3. Priority Maintenance Treatment
    4. Many HVAC agreements specify that in a rush of maintenance requests, you’ll get bumped up on the list. That means if, despite your seasonal maintenance, something still goes wrong, you’ll be first to get repairs and get back to life as you know it.

    5. Regular HVAC Maintenance
    6. Regular maintenance is important. Not only does it ensure you won’t be caught in the middle of summer or winter without proper climate control, but it also means you’ll get regular services without having to ask for it or keep track of when maintenance is needed. This provides you with many benefits, including:

      • Reduced chance of expensive parts breaking down and needing replacement
      • Better air quality
      • Improved energy efficiency, and reduced energy bills
      • Longer-lasting systems due to improved treatment (compared to waiting until something “goes wrong”)
    7. Major ROI
    8. Admittedly, HVAC agreements do cost more than not paying for HVAC agreements. However, while you may be tempted to skip the cost, know that maintenance agreements can (and often do!) pay themselves back in a single repair. That’s the kind of ROI a smart home or business owner can’t ignore.

    If you’re ready to learn more about HVAC maintenance agreements, contact the experts at Certified Electric today!