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    How Often Does My Commercial HVAC System Need to Be Serviced?

    Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    commercial HVAC System

    Maintenance agreements make taking care of your commercial equipment very simple. They’re one of your best resources, and they often provide services at lower costs to boot. At the very least, these plans prevent your most expensive appliances from suffering from undo wear and tear, extending the number of years you’ll be able to wait before replacement.

    Consider the following when creating your maintenance plan:

    1. Professional maintenance helps units run at peak efficiently, and it prevents damage. Smart business owners invest in valuable resources, and maintenance plans provide double bang for your buck. Not only do they check systems for worn parts and potential breakdowns, but they also lessen resistance created by dirt and clogged parts. These kinds of changes allow you to spend less while creating comfortable indoor temperatures.
    2. Each manufacturer and model has specific needs. Certified Electric is an authorized dealer of Carrier and Mitsubishi products, but we’re able to service a wide range of heating and cooling equipment. Each brand has its own quirks, so you need to make sure your maintenance plan is customized to the units you own.
    3. Techs can help you improve the maintenance you perform yourself. One of the easiest ways to drop your energy costs is by changing the filters you use with your HVAC system. Trained technicians often have access to higher-quality products than you find on the store shelf. You can also get on an appropriate filter-changing schedule based on the type you use.

    Keep your equipment in tip-top shape with professional help. Compare maintenance agreements available in the Brunswick area today, and click this link or call 912.265.3419 to schedule a service call with the friendly professionals at Certified Electric.