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    How Often Are HVAC Maintenance Visits Actually Needed?

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016

    Working on a unit

    Maintenance agreements are essential to achieving a healthy HVAC system to keep your home comfortable year-round. Your unit can accumulate dust and debris in places that will affect its efficiency, like air filters and condensing coils. Left unchecked, your system can lose efficiency each year because of this buildup. Regular maintenance is key in preventing major problems down the road.

    So how often should does home or business owner need a maintenance visit?

    As it turns out, there are two different answers: either annually or bi-annually. Both of these options are acceptable, but each person should consider the needs of their individual systems when making a decision.

    Some HVAC specialists recommend scheduling a maintenance visit at least once a year, around the spring, to get ready for the upcoming summer months and then the following winter months. This annual visit can identify any small issues and correct them before they become major problems requiring a more expensive solution.

    However, other experts recommend having a maintenance visit at least twice a year to prepare for the seasonal temperature changes and to perform a general tune-up. This is recommended more for older units that require additional care to prevent problems from occurring.

    Whether you choose to schedule maintenance check-ups annually or bi-annually, they are a necessary part of keeping your HVAC unit running optimally. They can help prevent catastrophes, as well as keep the cost of maintenance and repair down. A well-maintained heating and cooling system will last longer and save you money for the long haul.

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