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    3 Home Energy Saving Tips for Back-to-School

    Wednesday, August 09, 2017


    It’s back-to-school time! What can you do to save when it comes to your heating and air conditioning?

    As summer vacation winds down, your kids probably aren’t in the mood for discussing heating and air conditioning; nor would they be very interested in cutting back on energy usage. This is fine, since they’re already preoccupied with heading back to the classroom! This time of year likely ranks as their least favorite, but as a parent, you probably get some level of enjoyment from it. Back to school isn’t just about the end of the long vacation, though! You can also make this a time for reducing your energy consumption.

    Save on HVAC with Thermostat Adjustments

    Even the smallest changes to your thermostat settings can make a significant difference in your energy use and the bills that follow. Take your family's new schedule for the school year into account and carry out the necessary tweaks to your temperature settings. You want to make sure your air conditioner (or heater, later in the year) doesn't kick in unless someone's home. There's no point in spending money on keeping empty rooms comfortable! And if you don't have a programmable thermostat, it's past time to get one.

    Non-HVAC Devices Could Also Be an Energy Drain

    You can take measures to cut back on energy use, even when you’re fulfilling your parental duties. When assembling lunch for the kids, remove all the necessary items from the fridge first. Opening and closing the door numerous times makes the refrigerator work harder, which drives up energy usage.

    Get the Air Conditioning and Heating System Checked

    Having your HVAC looked at will allow you to resolve any underlying issues. This is important, as during the summer the system likely had heavy use. Many HVAC issues don't seem too serious, and yet they can still force your system to work harder. This hurts efficiency and leads to wasted energy and inflated utility bills.

    At Certified Electric, Inc., we possess the knowledge and expertise to rectify any heating and air conditioning issues you might have, and we’ll help your system stay as efficient as possible throughout the school year and beyond. Contact us today for more energy conservation tips!