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    Practical Guide to HVAC Maintenance Agreements

    Wednesday, June 28, 2017


    Not sure what maintenance agreements are, or if you need one? Read on to learn why these plans are essential for your HVAC system’s well-being.

    If you want to better understand the value of maintenance agreements, first consider just how often you take steps to maintain your HVAC system on your own. Unless you fall into a very select group of people, odds are you don't do it as frequently as you should. It's far too easy to get busy with other things, and once maintenance gets put off, it tends to keep getting put off. Although you may believe this neglect is a victimless crime, your system could be suffering as a result.

    Maintenance Plans Save You Money

    A good HVAC maintenance agreement typically involves scheduling appointments ahead of time. Some providers offer the chance to save on maintenance costs by providing customers with discounts for setting appointments in advance. You'll also be saving a bundle on repair costs, since you can avoid emergency breakdowns entirely by having a professional look over your system on a regular basis.

    Regular HVAC Checkups Prepare Your System for Heavy Use

    Breakdowns aren't the only thing maintenance can help you avoid. When the seasons change and your unit is suddenly asked to do much more than before, overlooked issues can come charging to the forefront. Since you're not a professional, you could miss the signs of a malfunction. Although the system may still be working, it would be doing so at a much lower efficiency than usual. The summertime spike in energy costs would be much larger if your system is working with unseen problems. Luckily, you can avoid this with regularly scheduled maintenance.

    The Best Way to Get Started with HVAC Maintenance? Find the Right Provider

    At Certified Electric, our maintenance plans help our customers stay comfortable through the most extreme temperatures, all while avoiding the expenses of serious repair issues. To learn more about how we can select the best maintenance agreements for your needs, get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.