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    What Grade of Electrical Outlets Should I Have Installed in My Home?

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016


    If you’re looking into hiring electrical services, you might be wondering which grade of outlets is the ideal fit for your residence.

    Even if you’re not in the market for electrical services, you may have wondered if the outlets you currently have are the best option for your needs. Can they handle the appliances you’re using them to power? How long can you expect them to last? Are there better options out there? These are good questions, because when the time comes for you to replace your electrical outlets, you’ll want to ensure you make the right choice.

    Are All Electrical Outlets Created Equal?

    The most common types of outlets used in North America fall into the ‘general use,' category, and they can handle most household products. These receptacles have been tested to ensure they can hold up to regular use. There are other variations among them that can handle heavier loads.

    One example is hospital grade, which must meet additional standards on top of being able to accommodate general use demands. They feature higher durability, reliability and strength than homeowner grade and commercial grade. Still, they aren't necessarily the best fit for your household.

    What’s the Best Grade for My House’s Electrical Services?

    Homeowner grade outlets are the most common type of residential outlet, as well as the cheapest. Opting for the least expensive option might be tempting. However, this grade is not very durable and can be worn out in five to ten years. If you're looking for a solution that can last a long time, consider commercial grade instead.

    Commercial grade costs roughly 50% more than homeowner grade, but they can last up to ten times longer. Hospital grade outlets are much more expensive and are intended for devices that can't be allowed to fail (like emergency room equipment). Commercial grade is the best option for outlet replacement. This variety is dependable and can save money that you would otherwise spend on more frequent repairs or replacements.

    For more information about outlet grades and other electrical services, or to schedule a service call, contact our team of experts at Certified Electric, Inc., today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.