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    3 Frightening Indoor Air Quality Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

    Wednesday, October 18, 2017


    We tend to spend a lot of time inside, which makes these indoor air quality facts even more alarming!

    To understand the importance of indoor air quality, all you need to do is consider how much time you spend inside. Even the most outdoorsy among us spend a great deal of time inside. This makes the importance of indoor air quality clear, but how much do we really know about it? Some of the following facts may surprise…or alarm you.

    We Release Harmful Chemicals into Our Indoor Air Every Day

    Even the small things we do can add up in a big way when it comes to air quality. Everyday items like household cleaners and personal care products can have harmful chemicals in them, which can enter the air we breathe every time we use them. Many of these chemical ingredients have links to allergic reactions, dizziness, irritated skin and other serious complications. The best way to avoid this is to simply keep an eye on the products you use.

    The Rate of Asthma in Children Has Risen Due to Poor Indoor Air

    Over the years, the prevalence of pediatric asthma has gone up significantly, making it one of the leading chronic illnesses in children in the United States. Indoor air pollutants might play a part in this rise, with certain chemicals increasing the risk of asthma developing in juveniles. Purifying the air in your home can help reverse these risks.

    Indoor Air Can Be Much More Polluted than Outside Air

    Surprising as it might seem, indoor air can be much worse than the air outside! It can be two to five times worse, in fact, and in extreme cases, it can even be 100 times worse! Assuming your indoor air is cleaner by default is a mistake, one that gets more severe over time if you don't take steps to clean your indoor air.

    Worried about health concerns due to bad air? The experts at Certified Electric, Inc. are here to help! We're happy to provide many air purification solutions for our customers, and we'll have your family breathing more easily in no time. To learn more about indoor air quality and how we can help, reach out to us today!