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    3 Foolproof Tactics to Get the Very Most Out of Your HVAC System

    Wednesday, September 27, 2017


    You invested a lot in your HVAC system, so it makes sense to try to get as much as possible out of it with maintenance agreements.

    Interested in maintenance agreements for your home's HVAC? You're already on the right track. Your HVAC system has an important job, and it's a great idea to make sure it stays in good shape and doesn't run into trouble later on. Getting the most out of your system is easier than you might think — read on to learn three foolproof tactics to maximize your HVAC.

    1. Keep HVAC Air Inside to Maintain Indoor Temperatures

    The air you're paying to cool is all too ready to escape, if you let it. By sealing off the areas around windows, ducts, your HVAC unit and doors you don't use, you can avoid wasting the cold air produced by your system. Air leaks force the HVAC to work longer to maintain desired temperatures since the loss of cool air will make the house warmer.

    2. Use a Programmable Thermostat for Maintaining Ideal Temperatures with Minimal Waste

    Thermostats that allow you to set a schedule are a valuable asset. They give you the ability to avoid wasting energy cooling or heating an empty house, and they can be set to have different temperatures at night compared to during the day when the family is active. Notably, they can also turn on in time to have the house at a comfortable temperature by the time you get home from work. Why spend so much on HVAC only to wait around in discomfort, after all?

    3. Regular Scheduled Maintenance Keeps Your HVAC Running Better for Longer

    A big part of getting the most out of your HVAC is extending its lifespan by as much as possible. At Certified Electric, Inc., our maintenance plans keep our customers' units working more efficiently for longer, effectively delaying the need for repairs and replacements. You'll be able to avoid untimely breakdowns, and you can rest assured knowing the technician handling your maintenance is aware of your system's needs and the best ways of addressing them.

    To learn more about our maintenance agreements available at Certified Electric, Inc., don’t hesitate to reach out.