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    3 Back-to-School Facts about Indoor Air Quality that You Need to Know

    Wednesday, August 23, 2017


    Indoor air quality is always a concern, including when the end of summer rolls around.

    It’s a safe bet that your children aren’t overly concerned about indoor air quality—not when they have to worry about going back to school! This is fine, though, since that’s your job as a parent anyway. The beginning of the school season might bring heartache to kids all across the country, but it brings more than that. An education is rarely the only thing your child will take away from the classroom. As such, maintaining good indoor air quality can be a challenge at this time of year.

    A Functional Ventilation System Is Crucial for Maintaining Quality Indoor Air

    Your children can bring any number of things back with them from school, including a variety of invisible — but harmful — surprises. These include pet dander, contaminants, and allergens picked up from the classroom or other students. If your ventilation system is adequate, it will pull this contaminated air from living areas in your home, replacing it with healthier, fresh air from outside.

    Clean Filters Are Important for Cleaner Air, but You Can Do More

    The filters in your HVAC system will remove harmful particles from the air circulating through it, but that can be only the beginning. High-efficiency filters are capable of removing even smaller particles, leading to better filtration and healthier indoor air. Additionally, having better filters may prove to be a life-saver once allergy season comes around.

    Humidity Affects Air Quality

    During the fall and winter, air tends to get dryer, which can be uncomfortable. A little moisture can improve the situation. However, it's important to control the moisture levels before they get too high. Too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, which will cause considerable harm to your indoor air quality. Additionally, an air purifier can put a big dent in the number of pollutants you and your family end up breathing in your home.

    Our team of professionals at Certified Electric, Inc., understands the importance of achieving better indoor air quality for your family. Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll analyze your system and uncover the best ways of improving it. Your kids have to focus on making new friends and learning — they shouldn’t need to worry about indoor air pollutants too.