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    Electrical Safety Precautions

    Wednesday, March 09, 2016

    Replacing an electrical outlet

    It’s easy for homeowners to forget how dangerous electrical services can be. Most of us go our entire lives taking advantage of the convenience without suffering any problems. Unfortunately, a small minority will experience something entirely different. They'll lose their homes, all of their belongings and sadly their lives to preventable incidents caused by common errors.

    Electrical Risks Around the Home

    There are things we all do to increase our risks when dealing with electricity. Many times, they’re done out of convenience or impatience, without homeowners realizing the risks. You can keep your property and your family safe by improving these habits and by making sure every member of your family is practicing safe use.

    The following decreases your chance of fire and electrocution:

    • Cover unused outlets
    • Don’t overload power strips
    • Replace frayed and damaged cords
    • Use appropriate replacement fuses and bulbs
    • If you’re working with electricity, use a wooden or fiberglass ladder
    • Use protective gear when working on electrified elements.
    • Always be mindful of moisture
    • Fix known problems right away

    Water and metal both increase the conductivity of water, and if you’re touching both, it’s going to flow straight through you. The same is true for your pets and your children, and unfortunately, their chances of surviving an electrical shock are much lower than yours. Be sure to check grounded outlets regularly, be mindful of heavy loads and get on any needed repairs right away. Those flickering lights might be more dangerous than you realize.

    Contact our professional team at Certified Electric whenever you have a question electrical services. Don’t let a common mistake cause injuries and property damage in your home. Safeguard your family with help from the experts. Get informed on all the ways you can prevent electrical fires and burns.