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    Do Some Fixtures Cause Bulbs to Burn out Faster?

    Wednesday, November 11, 2015

    Electrician checking wiring of a light fixture

    Homeowners are often hesitant to tackle electrical services on their own—and for good reason! These issues can be complicated, and if handled the wrong way, wiring problems can lead to fires. However, there are certain tasks you can fix without the help of an expert.

    Look at the following safe and easy fixes for fast-burning bulbs:

    Adjust your fixture.

    Under the lightbulb in your fixture is a small, brass tab. Ideally, these should stick up ¼-inch. If you screw your lightbulbs in too far, these tabs will be pressed down too far to make a strong connection with your bulb. The strain of this weak signal wears out bulbs faster than normal. If this is your problem, the solution is simply removing your bulb and bending the brass piece back into place.

    Install high-voltage bulbs.

    There are two situations where long-lasting 130-volt bulbs will last longer in a fixture. The first is common and generally harmless, but it can still sound alarming. Your fixture may be drawing more than 120 volts of electricity. Normally this isn’t a problem for electrical devices, but light bulbs are often too delicate to deal with the strain for too long.

    A 130-volt bulb can handle the extra electricity, but it can handle other stressors too. For instance, sometimes bulbs fail early when near high vibrations, like ceiling fans. Bulbs built for higher voltage often have thicker components so regular movement isn’t an issue.

    Install larger fixtures or covers.

    Recessed and covered lighting sometimes suffers from overheating. Lightbulbs can’t take high temperatures, so you may have to buy a larger fixture that won’t generate so much heat in such a small space.

    Unfortunately, if many of your bulbs are blowing early, you may have a problem in need of a professional touch. One of our talented electricians can help you determine what is causing your bulb-blowing problems and how to solve them, just in case you don’t feel comfortable tackling this problem on your own.

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