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    3 Common Situations That Require the Help of a Certified Electrician

    Wednesday, September 13, 2017


    It can be tempting to handle some electrical issues on your own, but calling in an expert will always be the better — and safer — option.

    Some electrical problems are more common than others, but it's important to remember that even issues you see very often can still be difficult to fix. Sometimes a problem might look simple, only for you to end up finding more than you bargained for beneath the surface.

    A trained professional is the only person who should be addressing these issues, not only because they can spot and solve the hidden problems, but also for the sake of your safety. Electrical work is very dangerous, and it's not worth your life to try it for the sake of saving some money.

    Here are three common electrical situations where you need to call for professional help:

    #1: Tripping Circuit Breakers Can Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

    A tripped breaker should be simple enough to reset, but the problem isn't quite so straightforward if your breakers keep tripping over and over again. For people living in older homes, this could mean your system isn't up to the task of handling the wattage required by modern technology and appliances. You may need to add a new circuit or get an electrical upgrade to compensate, which means a call to a certified electrician.

    #2: Flickering Lights are Another Common Electrical Issue

    If you notice flickering lights, and changing the bulbs doesn't fix the problem, it could indicate a problem with the fixture or the wiring connection. If the lights flicker mainly when it's windy outside, frayed wiring could be the culprit — whichever cause might be at the root of the issue, a professional should to take a look.

    #3: Strange Smells from Electrical Outlets or Switches

    Your outlets should be a source of power, not smells. If you ever notice odors emanating from switches or outlets, stop using them right away! There could be a fire hazard present in the wiring, which requires calling a professional electrician as soon as possible. The switch or outlet might need repair or replacement, and an amateur should never attempt that type of job.

    No matter how big or small, hand over your electrical problems to someone with knowledge and dependable experience. At Certified Electric, Inc., we can help you with repairs, upgrades or new components for your electrical system. Whether the problem is rare or common, we can get the job done so you can go back to your everyday life without needing to worry. Get in touch with us today!