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    What Indoor Air Quality Concerns Should I Have about My Commercial Building?

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Commercial HVAC service truck outside of local business

    When it comes to indoor air quality, commercial services benefit your business in many ways. You can improve conditions for workers and clients, and protect your profits from needless fines. You’ll be amazed by the affordable solutions available for managing indoor air pollution.

    The Benefits of Improving Your Business’s Air Quality

    HVAC companies typically cover heating and cooling equipment but, at Certified Electric, we also handle indoor air quality, humidity, and other climate comforts. Ventilation is a serious need for many businesses. If your practices, for instance, create toxic fumes, you'll be required to remove them from your employees' working environment. You'll want to keep the air clear of bad odors too, as much for the sake of your workers as for visiting clients.

    Hospitals, daycare centers, and other environments where germs are likely to be found will also have an increased need for filtration. Many of today’s top products are capable of eradicating germs and bacteria at a surprisingly low cost.

    The effects of indoor air pollution often mimic common illnesses. This leads to workers who feel sick and perform poorly on the job or miss work frequently. Others may develop ongoing conditions covered by workman’s comp.

    Business Ventilation and Commercial Air Filters

    Professional HVAC service providers have a range of equipment for treating indoor air pollution. From industrial ventilators to UV lamps and air cleaners, Certified Electric has an affordable solution to your problems. Contact Certified Electric today to schedule an appointment for commercial services. Improve your working conditions easily and right away.