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    Is Your Commercial Air Conditioner Simply Not Cooling Your Building Anymore? Find Out What to Do

    Wednesday, September 21, 2016

    commercial air conditioner

    Commercial services keep your commercial AC equipment in tip-top condition.

    Rely on Certified Electric, Inc., whenever you have a need for commercial services. We provide top-notch heating, cooling and electrical help to businesses throughout the Brunswick area. Sufficient cooling keeps your workers and your customers comfortable, and it protects your stock from excess heat and moisture.

    The Benefits of Cool Indoor Air

    Your air conditioner isn’t simply a luxury. Your employees’ comfort has a real impact on job satisfaction and productivity. In fact, the Economist lists a few studies that show productivity increases by nearly 25 percent when air conditioning is in working order.

    Your clients feel more confident in a business able to control their indoor environments too. What kind of business has trouble affording the basics? If you serve your customers in-house, creature comforts make a big difference.

    Finally, there are the practical benefits. Air conditioning also helps humidity stay low, which provides extra security when storing materials. It also gives your HVAC system’s efficiency a boost, leading to lower bills. The list is filled with reasons to get your AC up and running—and keep it that way. So what are you waiting for?

    When Should You Call a Pro?

    The moment you notice your cold air isn’t working, it’s time to call in a pro. Unlike a home air conditioning unit, a commercial AC system isn’t as DIY friendly. HVAC problems tend to increase over time, so don’t gamble with an even bigger repair bill.

    Schedule professional commercial services as soon as your air conditioner starts acting up. Certified Electric, Inc. will have it fixed in a jiffy. Get your business back up and running with help from one of the leading service providers in the Brunswick area.